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About Us

About Us

Our Goals

Our mission here at OrganicCBD.earth is to lead the industry in bringing hemp cannabidiol (CBD) based products to the marketplace.

We try to educate the world on the benefits of organic hemp CBD and through our products help individuals all over the globe to lead a happy lifestyle.

Be aware that there are many fake products on the market (most of them are synthetic CBD which is extremely dangerous for the health). For more information please read the ‘Why Organic’ section.

We are Certified

We guarantee our products and we assure you that all of them are Certified and are made 100% from natural ingredients. All our hemp-based products are made with organic, GMO-free industrial hemp.

Our Promise to you

Located into the beautiful City of London, OrganicCBD.earth brings you the absolute best of 100% natural oils and it gives you the opportunity to buy from our fast and efficient online store.

We have many years of experience in online sales so you can be confident that your order will arrive quickly and well packaged.

We Care about Our Clients

We love to hear from our customers so if there is a natural oil, or a CBD product you think we should stock, just let us know.

However, should you ever have any problems we are just an email or call away to ensure your order is just as you want it.

We are pleased to provide certificates to assure users of the quality of our products and to inform them of any allergy risks. The IFRA certificates are available and we can simply send them to you upon request.

The Team

The Team


– Purchasing  and monitorisation of stock

– Payments processing and invoicing

– Logistics and Retail management

– Delegating Marketing and sales insight

Dale Ryan - Developer


– Building and maintaining excellent relationship with new and exiting customers via phone and / or e-mails.

– Product  Quality Assurance

– Customer Service

Anca Stefan - Customer Relations


– International Shipping management

– Quality Assurance and Safety Regularisations International Division

– International Customer Service and  Sales Representative 

Geroge Ene - International Partner

Best Reviews

Real Time Statistics


Real Time Statistics (Customer Reviews)

Best Review For This Month

Brian M.  Love your products, the quality is incredible, professional customer service and quick delivery, I’ll see you soon 🙂


100% Professional (No Complaints At The Moment)



OrganicCBD.earth team wish you all the best!
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